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Forfatter Emne: International Indoor Tournament Finland February 2016  (Læst 2296 gange)

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International Indoor Tournament Finland February 2016
« Dato: December 28, 2015, 10:59:30 am »

Yes it’s that time again.

Loving neighbors Sweden and Finland have clashed against each other five times on a paintball field.
All this happened way back 1999 – 2003, probably most of you readers haven’t got started in paintball yet.
Since then that small pond between us has been frozen shut.

Until now. Go big or stay home!

Many times we have had the pleasure to have Danish teams here also!

February 2016, 13.-14.
Helsinki, Paintball Sissos Indoor Bunkkeri

5-man, 8-6 minutes game time*, 4 point mercy rule, minimum 4 games/team**
Full size indoor field, NXL type layout

Tournament paint: 42 – 55e/case

International reffing (Swedish refs contact me)

Three divisions:
MEN (open to all levels)
BOYS (no top level players***)
NEWBIE (max 2 year playing experience on any level)

All points in Swe-Fin games count for total win
National teams compete in finals for absolute glory

TROPHYS & MEDALS for best teams and players
EXTRA surprises from sponsors

How to get in :
Pay the team fee: 290 euros (approx. 2700 SEK 22.12.15)
Before 13th January!! (after that fee is 330e/team)

Payment receiver: Juicesport
IBAN: FI54 5800 1320 0763 17
Message: your team name, division (MEN/BOYS/NEWBIE)

Send email after payment or if you need info: jani.l3skin3n (at) gmail.com

We will try to arrange games so that travelling from Sweden is easier.
Plan is to have games going on Saturday from 10 to 22, Sunday from 10 – 16. Contact us if your flights/boats come with such schedule that would need fixing.
We recommend to find your travel and accommodation from internet services like booking.com, supersaver.com…
Field is located in south part of Helsinki city center

(*) running game time depending on team numbers on each division, 1,5-2 min breaks between points, “double deck” – game format
(**) minimum of four (4) games in preliminaries for all teams, quarter finals, semifinals and finals for best teams in each division
(***) NO Top League players from any country in Boys divison
(****) teams from all other countries are also welcome, if your country brings three teams to this tournament you can build your own national team for Sunday

Check out games in Paintball Sissos Bunkkeri: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSyGmjZaZQI

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Sv: International Indoor Tournament Finland February 2016
« Svar #1 Dato: December 29, 2015, 10:41:34 pm »
Live info in FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/groups/paintballfinnkampen2016/

TEAM LIST on 29th December 2015

MEN Division:
Urho FIN
Dream Team FIN
Cyclone FIN

BOYS Division:
DT Sexy Six FIN
Viper FIN

NEWBIE Division:


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